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<<<  Fits Only Traditional Screw Style Threaded Fuel Neck as Illustrated.

<<< Does not fit “turn & click” closures.

<<< Designed for use with unleaded fuel only.


Great care has gone into the design and manufacture of PermaCap to bring you years of trouble-free use. You PermaCap is Lifetime Guaranteed to the original purchaser.


STEP 1. Remove existing fuel cap.

STEP 2. Notice the existing spring flab B unleaded fuel restrictor in your vehicle's fuel filler neck. This is the opening which you must penetrate with the fuel nozzle when you fuel-up.
(See diagram flap B. Caution: See step 2 below "How To Fuel Up")

STEP 3. Screw on your PermaCap until it is tightly secured.


STEP 1. Insert nozzle slowly into your avoid possible fuel spray.

STEP 2. Before fueling, the fuel nozzle must be inserted all the way down into the opening A while you guide the nozzle to penetrate the existing spring flap B unleaded fuel restrictor opening.

Caution: Be certain to insert the fuel nozzle slowly to completely penetrate the existing spring flap B opening of your vehicle’s unleaded fuel resticter.  Failure to completely penetrate the spring flap B opening may result in fuel under pressure in your fuel system splashing back out of the fuel filler neck and may cause serious injury.  Also, when removing PermaCap, remove slowly as  fuel under pressure in your fuel system may come splashing back out of the fuel filler neck and may cause serious injury.

STEP 3. Fill your tank and withdraw nozzle. That’s all there is to it!

Friendly tip - It is a good idea to re-check your PermaCap every so often to insure that it remains screwed on tightly.

* In some instances where nozzles have been modified, re-manufactured, damaged or of such design which will not allow the fuel nozzle to penetrate the orifice of your PermaCap, simply remove the your PermaCap and fuel-up in the normal manner, re-installing and tightening your PermaCap when finished fueling. You may choose to patronize only those service stations where their  nozzles are compatible.

Thank You for purchasing PermaCap!

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