Kleen Wheels Dust Shields

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Fits In The Wheel Just Like An Inside Hubcap!!
Easy to Install!!
New and Improved Dust Shields Feature Turbo-Venting To Enhance Brake Cooling!!

Protects The Wheels

Your alloy wheels are like any other valuable investment. You need to protect your investment.

Brake dust can ruin your wheels. It can cause the finish to corrode and deteriorate. Use caution when using cleaning agents containing harsh or abrasive chemicals which can strip away the wheel's protective coating, break up the paint or attack the aluminum alloy itself.

Important Tips on Wheelcare

Do not have your expensive alloy wheels steam cleaned. The temperatures of these devices are too hot for the protective coating on your wheels and their surfaces may become dull due to excessive and repeated temperature differential.

Observe caution when visiting car washes. Some establishments use harsh acid cleaners to remove soils from road wheels.

Never remove soils with abrasive cleaners, steel wool pads or polishing agents as the wheel coating may become damaged.

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