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Kleen Wheels Corporation began business in 1976 with the introduction of Kleen Wheels brake dust shields to provide a permanent solution to prevent unsightly brake dust build-up on alloy wheels. We are proudly celebrating our 36th year providing superior quality manufacturing of our unique family of trusted proprietary automotive aftermarket products where Kleen Wheels remains the Company’s most popular product.

Beginning in 1985 the Company’s principals, Dave Weinberg and John Herzberg, have been spearheading the growth of the Company with development of new, practical and carefully engineered automotive products. The Company’s management is comprised of a top-notch team of dedicated marketing and manufacturing professionals bringing innovation, workmanship and practicality at every level, coupled with the very best support for our valued customers. Dedication, commitment to quality service, high standards of professionalism and product dependability are our fervent goals that underlie the Company’s success. The Company values the loyal and dedicated contributions of each and every one of our family of team members, whose average length of service is 15 years.

The Company’s products are all proprietary and are protected by patents either issued or pending. Engineering and technical excellence is the keynote in all of the Company’s products.

The Company supports the automotive aftermarket industry as an active Senior Member of the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA). The Company is a frequent SEMA exhibitor at the industry’s largest national convention held annually in Las Vegas along with hundreds of other organizations whose membership dues go to help support the Association’s efforts to ensure the automotive aftermarket’s future. The Company has been recognized for its ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit by receiving rewards in categories of "Best of Show,“Best New Product” and “Best Packaging.”

The Company makes it’s home in south Florida with headquarters and shipping located in Dania Beach, FL, and with manufacturing and warehouses located in Miami and Boca Raton, FL.

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