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Welcome to the Kleen Wheels website, the home of Kleen Wheels dust shields, providing unique proprietary automotive aftermarket accessories to enthusiasts since 1976. Kleen Wheels turbo-vented dust shields keep your car’s wheels free from unsightly brake dust and are are easy to install with no special tools needed. Most importantly, your wheels will remain shiny clean like new! Once you install Kleen Wheels on your car, you will never have to scrub your wheels again. That’s right - no more tedious scrubbing! KW PM015

Our easy to follow Kleen Wheels Application List will guide you to carefully select the correct dust shields to fit your car’s wheels. We offer custom engineered applications for all popular factory wheels for cars, SUVs, crossovers, vans, and light trucks, both foreign and domestic. Our Kleen Wheels Application List is constantly updated to include the latest popular vehicle models. Sorry, dust shields are not available for aftermarket manufactured wheels, only for original equipment factory OE wheels.

Each set of KleenWheels (set is 2 pieces for 1 axle) includes easy to follow installation instructions. To get an idea of how easy it is to install our Dust Shields on your vehicle, take a look at the online Kleen Wheels Instructions section of our website and the online Kleen Wheels Installation Video.

Please take a look at other unique products in our Kleen Wheels family of great automotive products:

  • Permacap – A permanent gas cap that lets you fill your fuel tank without removing the gas cap. “Never Remove It - Never Lose It!” No more gas odor on hands and clothing. The result is no more lost gas caps and fill-ups that are fast, safe and easy.
  • Quik-Check- A tire pressure monitoring valve that lets you see if your tires have lost air pressure without hassling with your tire gauge and manually checking each tire. Now you can easily monitor correct tire inflation and save money by increasing gas mileage, reducing tire wear, improve vehicle handling and vehicle safety.
  • Truk-Chek – A temperature indicating label for OTR truck wheel hubs provides a visual alert to monitor overheating axle wheel-end conditions. When the label turns RED it warns of a wheel-end overheating condition, long before the problem results in a bearing failure or unplanned emergency highway breakdown.
  • Wheel Mates- A non-metallic phenolic resin disc which mounts between the wheel hub of the car and the hub of the wheel. WheelMates allow easy removal of wheels by preventing seizing of the wheel hub of the car to the hub of the wheel as may be caused by corrosion, electrolysis and rust. No more worries about easy removal of wheels for tire changes when you have Wheel Mates installed on your car.

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